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Japanese martial art|Modern combat sport|Soft self defence skills|Smooth movements|Fighting without competition

Aikido, a short intro

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, similar to more widely known Judo or Karate. It is based on old Samurai fighting techniques – they still exist in the background but are used in a more peaceful and harmonious way. Thus, today Aikido may be called as a soft martial art as it teaches us how to solve conflict situations without harming the opponent in any way.

In Aikido you learn how to master combat techniques, control your body, develop your flexibility and take advantage for your opponent’s movements. And at the same time, it is great fun, occasionally very sweaty and exhausting, we can admit that – but also very rewarding. Join us and find out yourself!

What do I gain by practising Aikido?

While practising Aikido you will get lots of benefits, such as:

  • Better mobility
    The practised techniques help you to improve and maintain better physical flexibility in your everyday life. As you have more control over your body, it’s easier to keep balance and move around swiftly.
  • Physical well-being
    Practising Aikido activates large muscle groups in your central body and legs. Increased muscle strength and flexibility, in turn, improve your physical well-being.
  • Mental well-being
    Aikido offers healthy challenges for your brain. Learning new techniques and movement directions offer rewarding challenges and improve overall physical and mental coordination.
  • Social well-being
    Nobody practices Aikido alone, instead, we do it all together. You will meet people of various backgrounds, ages, races, nationalities and beliefs as Aikido is suitable for everyone. A dojo is a place for mutual acceptance, fun and collaboration.

Is Aikido suitable for me?

Aikido suits everyone. It doesn’t require any predefined skills, extensive physical capabilities, lots of money or loads of equipment. You may start anytime suitable for you and you’ll learn everything as we go along. And there is no right age to start – you are all most welcome whether you are a child, youngster, teen, adult or more aged.

Aikido suits also everyone’s purse. It does not require extensive investment: the only things to buy are the training suit, an Awase club membership and a training fee. Additionally, it is recommended that you’ll have a sports insurance just in case – more info on that you can find in here.

You may also try Aikido without any commitments just to see if this the right thing for you. Come to the Awase dojo and join the lessons

How do I start?

The best way to start Aikido is to come to the dojo and just try it out. In Awase, we have several classes every week and as a new trainee, you may join beginner level lessons.

So: come to the dojo, bring some loose clothes that allow you to move around and leave rest up to the teachers and fellow Aikidokas