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Junior Basic


  • Kids between 8 to 14 years
  • 13 trainings
Spring 2023


  • From January to end of July
  • 4 days/week
Other options

  • You may pay by the month, by season, or yearly. You may also buy a training card for 10 times. In these cases, or in case you wish to pay for an advanced course for a junior, please press the button below.

What does the fee cover?

Different training fee types allow you to attend to different courses. For example, when you pay a training fee for adults for the fall period, you may attend to any adult training available. And in case you pay for the basic training, you may attend the basic training courses held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Enrolling to the Family Aikido gives you the option to attend to family training on Sundays.

Do I need a sports insurance?

The training fee does not cover insurance. You may obtain a sports insurance for Aikido either through Finnish Aikido Federation or through your own insurance company. It is advisable to get specific insurance for sports activities as the basic leisure or accident insurances do not usually cover sports accidents resulting in martial arts training.

As you enrol to the basic training you have an opportunity to take a specific sports insurance offered by the Finnish Aikido Federation. The insurance covers the training for three months before taking the 6th kuy exam. The only requirements are that you are a member of an Aikido club and the Finnish Aikido Federation. You can get the insurance from this link.

Do I need an Aikido license?

To attend to the events organised by the Aikido Federation, such as kuy exams or training seminars you’ll need an Aikido license issued by the Federation. To obtain a license from FAF you will need to have a sports insurance. This, in turn, you may get from the Aikido Federation or your own insurance company.

Is it possible to get a discount?

The training fees are fixed and there are as a general principle, there are no reductions available. The only option is a family discount: in case there is more than one child training in Awase, the other siblings will get a 20% reduction to the fees.

If you wish, you may change the due date as needed. In these cases, please get in touch with the headteachers.

May I try Aikido without paying the course fees?

In case you are interested in training Aikido but are not sure if this is the correct thing for you, you may train a few times for free. And in case you do wish to continue, then you’ll just enrol a suitable course for you and pay the fee.

How much does the training gear cost?

During the basic training, you may use loose clothes of your choice. In other practices, you’ll need the geiko-ki, a training gear of white trousers and a jacket. It will cost around 50-100€, when new. It is advisable to get a training gear when you are attending you’re the 6th kuy exam or before you attend your first general training. Please note, that you may use also a gear that is used during a Judo or Karate training.

The easiest way to purchase a training gear is through the net. Here you have some links to suitable sites (1, 2, 3).

While registering, I was asked for some personal information. What is it used for?

The personal information entered will be saved automatically to the Awase association member registry. This registry contains personal information such as name, age, gender, contact info. And in case you are a minor, less than 18 years old, the contact information of the guardian.

The personal information saved is used only send training fee bills and club membership news. Receiving the club news is voluntary and you may decline them at any time. The membership registry is visible only to the club officials. The personal information saved is never used for direct advertising/marketing activities or sales. The information is not given or sold to third parties.

Aikido wasn’t for me – how do I quit?

Sorry to hear. You don’t need to anything special to quit. You may tell your teacher that you will quit as then he/she will not wonder where you have disappeared. But this isn’t mandatory by all means, you may just stop attending the training.

But we would be most grateful for any feedback you may have to regard the training or ways to improve the club. In case you wish, you may give the feedback also anonymously.